Consensus as Oracles

The use cases offered by consensus oracles spans far beyond prediction markets. Consensus oracles confirm the outcome of an event, based on the aggregate the collective wisdom of the crowd - which is made up of all the information, analysis and opinions held by members of the group. In some cases, where Official Oracles fall short, "Crowd Wisdom" captures the essence of public opinion. On Zap Storeplace people can choose to use Consensus oracles, having their smart contracts execute based on the collective wisdom of the crowd.

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Consensus Consensus Consensus

What we think: Instant surveying with Zap Bounty

Get real-time fact based survey-responses by leveraging Zap Bounties: Launch a bounty on the Zap Store, input questions, target groups, and rewards, and get the information you need.


What we want: Real-time customer information

Get instant feedback from current or potential customers on multiple platforms, and use the information in smart contracts controlling mechanics like inventory management.


What we like: Opinion-based industry predictions

What is the next big thing? What is the consensus about the person? What is hot right now? Knowing the opinion of the people is necessary for smart contracts executing e.g. moving price setting.

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