Create smart contracts executed by oraclized official

A smart contract?

More and more decisions are made automatically by software. A smart contract is a contract triggered by an oracle, executing an action.


An oracle is a data feed input in a smart contract. It can be anything from weather data to a decibel-meter. The data is used to determine what action a smart contract should execute.


Humans as Oracles

Being at the right place at the right time can be a valuable trait. Information is everywhere around us, and not all of it can be collected by sensors or machines. We empower humans to become oracles and make it possible to execute smart contracts based on these oracle feeds.

Human use cases ➜

Devices as Oracles

The IoT revolution has started and more and more devices are linked to the internet. Each and every one of these devices collect vast amounts of data that can help humans and machines make better decisions through smart contracts.

Device use cases ➜

Third-party Data Feeds as Oracles

Companies specializing in collecting data have not yet been able to leverage the power of blockchain technology. We allow these providers to easily list their data on the Zap Store and allow anyone to access the data easily and securely.

Third-party feed use cases ➜

Officials as Oracles

Vast amounts of data need to be handled by trusted authorities due to the intimacy of the data. With blockchain technology, this data can be used without compromising security or privacy, by oraclizing the data and linking it to smart contracts.

Officials use cases ➜

Consensus as Oracles

Democratizing decision making by letting the consensus decide is a powerful tool. But getting people to decide can be a costly affair. With simple Zap Pools, users can request the opinion of the people and get instant consensus data, while participants are rewarded for their input.

Consensus use cases ➜  

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